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September 2017

Welcome to our updated website!! In the coming weeks, we will be updating our new pages and photo galleries. We will also be able to post latest news and happenings in a timely manner. We're looking forward to it!!

Most of you have seen our new .22 caliber range on the east side of the rifle line. The rules are simple and are plainly posted. In a nutshell, this is for .22 caliber rimfire guns only, firing ammo that is no faster than 1300 feet per second (speed will be on your box of ammo). NOT ALLOWED are calibers in 22 Mag, no 17 caliber guns, no hyper velocity ammo like CCI Stinger. These calibers and ammo will damage the targets. The targets are all swingers, so the gallery style shooting range allows members a variety of reactive targets for fun shooting. The swinger frames are built to allow targets to quickly interchange, extra targets are on a rack at the end of the covered firing line. Feel free to interchange targets and customized the range to whatever meets your skill set and fun factor. You should keep a can of flat white or flat black spray paint in youir vehicle to refresh the targets for optimal target definition. Cease fire commands must extend to the entire fiing line, SAFETY FIRST!!!!

Also new to RCC is a .22 rifle Long Range match. Targets are from 75-165 yards. This is an accuracy oriented event, but most rimfire rifles that can hit the end of a pop can at 100 yards will be competitive. Contact Rich Hawkins ( for details. Next match is Saturday Sept 30.

- Steel Challenge April 7, 2018
- Steel Challenge at Riley Conservation Club April 7, 2018
- Rimfire Madness @ Riley, March 10, 2018
- Friends of NRA
- 2018 Indiana State Steel Challenge Championship
- September 2017



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